Do you know someone in your life who went from the proverbial rags to riches?

Chances are the journey from rags to “riches” was not as exciting or dramatic as you may think.

I know someone like that.

This woman struggled with money in her youth. She had never really been taught how to manage it, so she muddled through on her own.

If she wanted something, it went on her credit card. The card had her name on it, so she figured it was her money to spend. She had a decent job, earned a decent paycheck – she deserved to life her life! Surely it would all work out. She wasn’t buying designer handbags and expensive vacations, after all. She was smart – she’d know if she was overspending.

She was of the mind that she would spend now and worry about it later.

And oh, did she worry about it later.

Not surprisingly, her debt piled up. Eventually, she was only able to make interest payments. She got fed up. This was not how she wanted to live her life, feeling stressed and never able to get ahead. She wanted to accomplish things like owning a home and taking yearly vacations.

So, she reached out to a financial advisor.

Together, they created a comprehensive financial plan.

With a solid plan in place, she crushed her debt.

Now she owns a home, a rental property, and a cottage, and she is looking at other exciting investment opportunities. She spends without guilt and has an exceptionally strong retirement plan. She is excited about what her money can do for her next.

How do I know that?

That woman is me.

Once upon a time, that was MY struggle.

Having a financial plan changed my life.

But that plan wasn’t the only reason my life changed.

With that plan came education on managing money. I had understood the concept of a budget, and how to allocate chunks of money to different pots. I had goals I wrote into a budget. I had some savings. But I still couldn’t get ahead.

Most clients who come to me are the same: they understand what a budget is and why it is important. They may even have a comprehensive budget spreadsheet set up and be contributing regularly to various savings vehicles.

But they still aren’t reaching their goals, or they aren’t reaching their goals fast enough.

Without a comprehensive financial plan, they may not be contributing to the right things, in the right order, with the right amounts, to maximize their money long-term.

Without a solid understanding of cashflow, and a tool to manage it, they may actually be unconsciously spending more than they need to (even with a budget!). Unseen inefficiencies are likely eating away at their available money. They aren’t truly optimizing their day-to-day finances.

It is the crucial combination of a long-term financial plan and gaining complete control of your day-to-day finances that makes it possible to accomplish your goals significantly more quickly.

I am living proof!

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