“I’m sure I can figure it out.”

How many times have you said that?

You know what you want to accomplish, and you feel (for some inexplicable reason!) that you should be able to make it happen by yourself.

Then before you know it, you’ve gone down the research rabbit hole. You’re reading long-winded articles and watching tutorial videos and endlessly debating strategies.

Why do we feel like we have to be an expert in everything?

Just over a year ago, I had a client approach me. She is an exceptionally smart entrepreneur.

In fact, she has devoted years to becoming great at what she does. Years spent honing her knowledge and growing her reputation.

She is an expert.

She has developed processes to help her clients achieve their goals, and their success is her success.

Her business was (and is) thriving.

But she was disheartened.

Despite her success, her wealth simply wasn’t growing the way she wanted it to.

Her student loan hung over her head. Her lack of clear retirement plan was a constant stress in the back of her mind. She wasn’t sure if she was on track for success, or even how to measure success.

But she was worried that if she couldn’t get results on her own, she wouldn’t get results if she worked with someone else either. After all, surely someone with her intelligence and ambition should be able to figure out her own financials.

So just like I do with all my potential clients, I told her that I would only take her on as a client if I was confident that I could get her results.

If she did not receive growth in her portfolio by at least the amount of the planning fee in the first 12 months, she would receive a full refund.

She was surprised.

How was I able to make such a guarantee?

Because I have devoted years to becoming great at what I do. Years spent honing my knowledge and growing my reputation.

I have developed processes to help my clients achieve their goals, and their success is my success.

Just like her, I am an expert.

But MY field is financial planning.

So just like she achieves results for her clients in her field easily, I do so in mine.

After one year of working with me, she now has no debt whatsoever. Her savings have increased over 700%. Her net worth has increased by over 200%. She has a clear retirement plan.


·         We maximized her current cash flow

·         Used our exclusive expense and savings tracking web tool to give her complete clarity on where her money was going and why

·         Made strategic decisions about what savings vehicles to use and when to contribute to accomplish more with less capital

·         Selected excellent investment choices to maximize growth and minimize risk

·         Created a plan that allowed her to accomplish multiple goals simultaneously

·         Automated much of her plan so she didn’t have to constantly be making decisions

·         Checked in quarterly to ensure she was on track to meet her goals

That’s the difference that working with an expert makes. It has nothing to do with my clients’ intelligence or experience, and everything to do with mine.

You don’t have to try to figure it out on your own. You don’t have to go down the research rabbit hole, spend valuable time debating strategies and making micro-decisions, only to be disappointed in the results you achieve.

You’re good at what you do, but what you do isn’t financial planning.

Let me be your expert. Book a call to find out how you can eliminate debt, increase your savings and net worth, and feel confident in your retirement plan.