I recently had a client reach out to me to share news about her recent purchase.

It was a couch.

She was ecstatic. (Yes, about a couch.)

She has an eye for interior design and has drooled over the Restoration Hardware catalogue for years. But she always bought budget furniture (and assembled it herself, of course), because she felt far too much guilt spending “that kind of money” on furniture. A functional – although not quite so beautiful – couch was all she could justify.

She worried about spending money on anything non-essential, actually. Her and her partner didn’t consider themselves rich. Not Restoration Hardware rich, anyway. Because only people with incomes much higher than theirs could spend that much money on a couch, right?


Only people with a solid financial plan could spend that much on a couch.

A plan gives you financial freedom.

Financial freedom is not about making a certain income. Financial freedom is not about being rich.

It is about being free from the stress and anxiety that money can bring. With a plan, the overwhelm and chaos you feel about your spending, your saving, your financial goals, retirement – all of that is eliminated.

Financial freedom is about being able to make a purchase without the instant moment of shame and guilt. When you have a comprehensive plan, you aren’t wondering if buying that couch will set back your goal to buy a house – you already know it won’t.

It’s about more than simply having a budget or contributing a monthly amount to RRSPs. A comprehensive plan gives you a clear and accurate picture of where you are now, and where you want to be, and all the steps to get there. It maximizes your potential. It saves you from the constant second-guessing and re-working. It stops the frantic moving of line items around in your budget to justify buying a handmade, mid-century modern wood-and-linen-masterpiece, only to feel guilty about actually spending the money.

Financial freedom is the ability to buy that thing and then simply enjoy the excitement that comes from getting something you want.

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