Most know the basics of living a healthy life, and yet many still seek out a trainer, dietitian, psychologist, etc. Why? Because they receive direction, motivation, accountability, and better results.

A financial advisor does the same thing for your financial health.  They counsel people on wealth management and other personal money matters.

There are many benefits of working with an advisor and how we help our clients outside of the obvious ‘investments’ and ‘retirement planning’.

Here’s a snapshot of a few things a financial advisor can do:

·        meet with you to assess your current financial situation and goals

·        develop a comprehensive plan that addresses major areas of concern (retirement, college planning, financial security, protecting your wealth)

·        coach you as difficult financial issues arise in your life

·        invest funds for you/set up investment accounts

·        find financial vehicles for you, like insurance policies or mortgages

Sometimes a life event (marriage, divorce, new business, aging parents) will have people seek the help of a financial advisor.

They can help you with your long-term financial plans, including helping you prepare for retirement, saving for your child’s post-secondary education, paying off your mortgage, and protecting your future through insurance.

When deciding on the type of advice that you might need from a financial advisor, it's important to ask the right questions about your money needs and to assess your own level of comfort in managing your own finances.

Do you still have questions?  We’re happy to help.

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