Have you been putting off seeking help with your finances because you’re too busy, you just can’t get away from work or maybe you’re not local?  Do you love our environment, and try to do everything you can to reduce the amount you drive so you can be eco-friendly?

No need to leave the office or home!

I can almost FEEL the relief through the computer when people discover they don’t actually have to block a big chunk of time off of work.  No need to account for travel, traffic, parking, etc , it's really as easy as sitting down in front of your computer.  

When we meet, we are actually real-time face-to-face, which you’ll really love, especially in our initial consult because it helps you determine whether we are a good fit when we can actually see each other.  

When we get further into the process, we can also share our screens for things like projections and concepts, we can write on the screen like a whiteboard, and even record when there’s something you really want to remember.

Virtualization is a huge time saver!

Let’s say your commute time to me is “only 15 minutes” – The reality is, you need to account for traffic, construction and  parking.  You now have 30 minutes for base travel, and that's not taking into consideration rush hour traffic, or when the weather makes driving conditions less than desirable.  

Meeting virtually with your financial advisor means you just have your meeting time – which saves you almost an hour, and that’s significant when you think of how valuable your time is.  Are you not even in the hub of Ottawa, or live somewhere else in Ontario?  Then I’m sure this resonates even more with you!

Care about the environment?  So do I.  Since virtual meetings systems work on green technology, it reduces the increasing amount of carbon in the environment.  It also reduces to need for paper printing so it’s a double whammy win.

Don’t let time and proximity get in the way of accomplishing your goals.  Isn’t it time to start traveling and growing your wealth?