Insurance is one of those things that you might not think you need… until you do.

And then it is often too late.

It is easy to decide when you are young and healthy and employed that insurance can wait. Or that you don’t need any “extra” coverage. Or that whatever you’re getting through your work will be enough.

Insurance has become a luxury, an easily dispensable budget line item.

But it won’t be a luxury if you become injured or ill and can’t work. Then suddenly all your plans to get insurance later become urgent, and in some cases, next to impossible.

Even if you have some insurance coverage, through a group plan at work for example, you may not be as covered as you think you are. Often insurance plans have gaps – gaps that most people won’t notice or consider until it is too late.

Policies often overlap and contain exclusionary clauses that can impact the actual benefits you receive. It is important to understand how your insurance policies work together so you can maximize the benefit you receive for what you’re paying out.

After doing an insurance consult, I recently saved a client $37, 647 over the remainder of their policies.

They had an insurance plan through their workplace and took the maximum optional coverage they were offered – they figured that more insurance would be better than less. But there was no needs analysis done when they signed on, so they ended up being way overinsured. They were paying for insurance they did not need, at sky high rates.

I was able to get a far better rate and change their coverage to reflect what they actually needed.

For those without insurance at all, you know it is time to get covered. The sooner the better.

But how?

What is the best type of coverage for your budget and your family’s needs?

Where can you save money, and where does it make sense to get extra protection?

What options do you have in terms of providers?

A financial planner can help you answer all those questions. Without being tied to any one provider, a planner can get you many offers and rates that would be otherwise inaccessible to you. A planner can do an analysis of any coverage you do have and determine if there are any problematic gaps.

You can’t afford to treat insurance like a luxury.

Pulse Wealth Management offers insurance consults to take all the guesswork out of coverage. We go through an in-depth analysis of what you currently have, what you need, and review quotes. If you’re ready to move forward, we can then set up a time to implement.

If you want to be confident that you have exactly the insurance coverage you need (and aren’t paying for any you don’t!), book an insurance consult.